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DutySmith Speed Set Duty Belt


DutySmith Speed Set Duty Belt

The SpeedSet Duty Belt is a radically different duty belt for uniformed professionals. The SpeedSet Duty Belt is, by far, the most advanced system on the market. It can be set up in seconds and reconfigured on the fly - without removing the belt. Disassembling an entire belt to remove a flashlight holder is now a thing of the past. The SpeedSet duty belt improves on typical duty belts in a number of ways.

The Velcro backed SpeedSet belt is comprised of a comfortable yet durable TPU elastomer combined with the strength of an external steel rail.

  • up to 25% more usable belt space up front
  • More flex than nylon belts while holding vertical integrity
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • Resistant to cuts and abrasions
  • Air flow vents for warmer temperatures
  • Unique buckle design allows a user to change the size of the belt in seconds
  • 100% compatible with all existing pouches and holders