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Fits their line of popular and powerful Stinger/PolyStinger flashlights. This battery stick's chemistry is Ni-MH a nickel-metal-hydride, replacing other Ni-MH batteries. The voltage on this battery stick is 3.6V, more than double the voltage of a typical alkaline primary cell. This battery stick is Sub-C in terms of size.

  • Specifically fits Streamlight's line of popular and powerful Stinger/PolyStinger flashlights
  • Chemistry is Ni-MH (nickel-metal-hydride)
  • Is a replacement for other Ni-MH batteries
  • Voltage is 3.6V
  • Size is Sub-C
  • Encompasses up to 1,000 charge-recharge cycles
  • Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Size: Sub-C
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Charge-recharge cycles: 1,000
  • Dimensions: Length: 5.125 in.

Fits Streamlights: Stinger - Stinger XT - Stinger LED/DS LED - Stinger LED HP/DS LED HP - PolyStinger - PolyStinger LED/DS Flashlights


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