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BLACKHAWK! Level III SERPA Auto Locking Holster

MSRP: $113.95
Our Price $89.99 to $110.45
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Retention and speed make the patented SERPA Auto Lock™ the ideal holster for patrol and tactical initiatives. Auto Lock allows users to disengage with a single motion of the trigger finger sliding from the molded channel on the outside of the holster to the weapon frame. With the unlocking mechanism being located where the index finger naturally rests, awkward middle finger release or thumb break is eliminated. Auto Lock also offers immediate security by engaging the trigger guard when reholstering. 

  • Durable, lightweight injection-molded carbon fiber composite construction provides incredible strength and durability.
  • Pivot guard keeps your gun from being locked out of the holster
  • Level III, triple retention with a thumb activated pivot guard
  • Works with you not against you, uses your natural shooting grip to draw
  • Locks in Level II retention as soon as the pistol is holstered
  • Passive retention detent adjustment screw
  • Jacket slot design allows for clearance of your outerwear and easy access to your sidearm when needed
  • Full-length design protects both front and rear sights
  • Unique belt loop design allows you to attach and detach from your belt without unthreading your other pouches
  • Matte finish