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Point Blank Item# BL701

Point Blank Level III Active Shooter Kit


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Point Blank Level III Active Shooter Kit

Instant protection for high-threat, active shooter situations. Point Blank’s Level III Active Shooter Kit includes two 10" x 12" stand-alone rifle plates and a tactical plate carrier. Wear it alone or over concealable armor for increased protection.

Ballistic Plates

  • Includes (2) Level III, stand alone, polyethylene/ceramic ballistic plates
  • NIJ Standard-0101.06 certified
  • Special threat tested for: 5.56mm x 45mm, 62-grain Ball (M855); 7.62mm x 39mm, 123-grain PS Ball (MSC); 7.62mm x 54Rmm, 147-grain LPS; 7.62mm x 51mm, 149-grain Ball (M80)

Plate Carrier

  • Front and back, 10" x12" plate pockets
  • Ergonomically contoured for enhanced maneuverability
  • Specially padded inserts behind plates for increased comfort
  • Exceptionally durable nylon construction
  • Adjustable shoulder and side adjustment straps
  • Hook and loop areas for attaching ID panels
  • MOLLE attachment system for easy customization
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